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מכון התקנים הישראלי W.R. Grace

W.R.Grace is a global leader for construction products and well known for its creative and innovative products. Carmel Group distributs W.R.Grace's products in Israel and offers new international and breakthrough standards in the field of passive fire proofing for the chemical, petrochemical and tunneling industries.

Amongst W.R. Grace's revolutionary products, which are prominent as a reliable stamp of quality and excellence worldwide, is the 'Monokote' Z series of passive fire proofing products. The fire proofing system is applied by spray  or casting and creates a layer of protection up to four hours against hydrocarbon fires typical to chemical and petrochemical plants as well as tunnels.

The advanced products of the W.R.Grace are integrated in hundreds of skyscrapers worldwide, tunnels, industrial plants, power plants, refineries and more.
To the W.R.Grace global website click on  http://www.graceconstruction.com

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