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מכון התקנים הישראלי Integrated Solutions

Since its establishment in 1979, Carmel Group has offered project managers, contractors and developers a comprehensive range of services and a basket of diverse and complementary methods in the industry. 

This is more than just enhanced capabilities: this is a philosophy of full service and ideal responses to the client:
From entrepreneurship and design, through advanced and exclusive solutions and up to strict execution with uncompromising standards.
The convenience of working with one professional body.
The peace of mind with the professional support of Carmel Group
Skill and experience which supports various aspects of the project which assists in achieving the perfect professional result.
Saving time and financial resources with perfect synchronization.
Carmel Group, since the founding of Carmel Bidud Ltd, has been leading the industry into a future of professional and environmental responsibility with close support at every step of the process. 
Our slogan is: ADVANCED SOLUTIONS BEST RELATIONSHIPS, because we also know that the most innovative measures depend on the people who use them in the field.
Our professional backbone allows you to have peace of mind throughout the entire project!
Safety policy of Carmel Group
The group's policy is to perform tasks while taking maximal safety measures in accordance with the laws, regulations, procedures, and with personal commitment.
The basis of the safety and quality demands and their implementation is the belief that the most valuable asset is the employee and his safety must be safeguarded in every possible way.
The safety requirements and their implementation in the company are carried out in a multi-systemic fashion jointly by the management and employees.
Our goal: To fulfill the assignments we have committed to, while ensuring maximum safety for individuals and their surroundings.

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