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מכון התקנים הישראלי Taper-Tech

Make the impossible – possible
Tapper – Tech specializes in the construction and maintenance of clean rooms and in engineering the transfer of machinery and heavy or complex equipment.
With a professional team of mechanical engineers and certified technicians with wide and diverse experiences with complex projects, Tapper – Tech offers an engineering understanding with proven capabilities and exceptional results in clean architecture and complex transfers.
They provide construction and maintenance of clean rooms
  • To the Electronics and Semiconductor industries
  • To Pharmacy and Biotech companies
  • To laboratories
  • To operating rooms
  • Infrastructure and construction technologies for command and control rooms
  • To the security system
  • To experiment rooms and a controlled environment 
Perfect match of the architecture to the special requirements of the customer, in any level of cleanliness, while supporting the most advanced technology with a variety of producers and air filtration systems.
Engineering transfer of machinery and heavy, large equipment.
Tapper-Tech Corporation has the advanced knowledge and planning capabilities to perform the transfer, dismantling, delivery and installation of components, machinery or heavy, large, expensive and complex equipment.
Tapper – Tech excels in agility, flexibility, professional execution and compliance to strict deadlines. The company strives for safety at every stage of process and development and enables its customers to feel confident and relaxed that their project is in the best-experienced and capable hands.
Vision of reliability, professionalism and responsibility
Tapper – Tech does not leave anything to chance and provides reliable and professional service throughout the entirety of the project. The activities of Tapper – Tech requires responsibility, a demand that it takes very seriously. They start with safety, and follow through with professional solutions to meet deadlines. They do this without compromises, or cutting corners and excel in planning and execution capabilities that very few companies can deliver. Tapper – tech has the special ability to cooperate with multi tasks teams – and knows how to get in-sync as a part of the construction teams on large projects to work in full cooperation with a systemic view of the project in total.
Alex Trtzok – the person behind Tapper – Tech
Leading Tapper – Tech is  Alex Trtzok, a mechanical, mining and drilling engineer, that received his rich experience from various positions in construction companies and with various projects (including the following Companies: Teva, Intel, Micron, MMG Shorek and more) to establish Tapper – tech.
Carmel Group
In 2014 the Carmel Group, the largest group in the country for passive fire protection, drainage, scaffolding, thermal and acoustic insulation, acquired Tapper – Tech and enabled the expansion of its mutual reciprocal services between the companies for the benefit of their mutual customers. With the strong support of Carmel Group, along with the professional knowledge and high standards of Tapper – Tech they provide a broad, reliable and perfectly adapted solution to customer needs.

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