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Since its establishment in 1979, Carmel Group, part of Carmel Bidud Ltd, has been an industry leader, maintaining professionalism, innovation, creativity and excellent customer service. The vast experience of Carmel Group in complex and large projects over the years, along with its engineering capabilities, high-performance capabilities, economic stability, operational flexibility and personalized customization for the customer, allows it to offer a perfect and comprehensive solution for a variety of projects, with a perfect level of finishing and without compromising on quality and schedule.


Passive Fire proofing

Carmel Group offers the cutting edge of global technology in passive fire proofing with particular expertise in tunneling and the chemical and petrochemical industries. Acquisition of international developments and adoption of advanced standards enables it to provide its customers with the most advanced capabilities in the field of passive fire proofing and breakthrough products of the global international "W.R.Grace" Group.



Carmel Group specializes in design, manufacture and installation of air conduits for industry and construction.
The Group offers products made of black metal, galvanized, stainless steel and aluminum up to a thickness of 3 mm with advanced and innovative manufacturing technologies, rapid and top quality production of reinforced, durable and sealed products according to international standards.


Thermal / Acoustic Insulation

As a leading player in the field of insulation in the chemical / petrochemical industry, construction and agriculture, Carmel Group offers professional expertise, experience of many years, skilled installation teams and comprehensive project management with special emphasis on high levels of quality and meeting deadlines.


Construction of industrial scaffolding

As part of the overall service and the professional capabilities of the Group, Carmel Group offers its expertise in construction of industrial scaffolding, while maintaining operational flexibility and adaptation to customer needs. Carmel Group scaffolding teams are experienced and skilled personnel, all certified by the Ministry of Labor.


Professional consultation

Carmel Group has been available to its customers since 1979 with professional consultation, utilizing the professional knowledge and experience accumulated in the company. Carmel Group ensures that it is constantly updated and implements the technological solutions and global innovations in the industry and combines its capabilities by formulating creative and smart solutions, maintaining an overview of the project and customers’ needs.

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