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מכון התקנים הישראלי Passive fire proofing

Carmel Group has established its capabilities in the field of passive fire proofing over its 20 years of activity. Today, Carmel Group offers the Israeli marketת the leading and most advanced solutions of the global company, W.R. Grace, for the chemical, petrochemical industries and for tunneling projects : Passive fire proofing: Monokote Z-series.
Development of composites based on Portland Cement, which are applied on steel or concrete structures, using spray or casting and fire proofing against hydrocarbon fire-types for up to four hours.

Chemical / Petrochemical


Sealing passageways and secure spaces

Different fire curves

migun-graf Cellulosic fire, 1000 °C reached after 95 min 
Hydrocarbon fire, 1000 °C reached after 10 min
Tunnel fire, 1000 °C reached after 4-5 min

 Monkote Z series products: Monokote Z-146PC,  Monokote Z-156PC and Monokote Z-146T offer significant advantages:

Hydrocarbon fire industry standards



Jet fire test Video

  • Based on the high quality mineral, BAUXITE, with durability, strength and other unique features that award the product proven benefits, especially compared with materials based on other minerals such as VERMICULITE.
  • Does not contain asbestos, chlorides and sulfides.
  • DCI corrosion inhibitor – a unique and critical patent that helps to reduce the development of corrosion under insulation materials   (CUI corrosion under insulation) and on the sprayed surfaces.
  • Low weight as compared to competing products
  • Competitive price and economic feasibility
  • Has undergone the most stringent of testing and holds international standards, including:
    • UL-1709
    • Fire testing under RWS conditions
    • Lloyd's register of shipping
    • NFPA 58
    • OTI 95 634 jet fire test at 1200° Celsius while providing thermal shocks
    • Baker Blast explosion test

Compared to solutions based on intumescent paints, the Monokote Z series products offer distinct advantages: Low weight, competitive price, economic feasibility and relatively simple implementation.

As a consequence: Monokote Z series products offer the highest quality of fire proofing, easy application, competitiveness, and longer-termed as compared to any other option on the market.


 Monokote Z series Product versus a competing product: Unique patent prevents corrosion on metal infrastructure over time.

The material is produced using green and environmentally responsible processes, complies with the most stringent safety demands and is at the forefront of technology in the field of passive fire proofing, while presenting a complete set of products compatible with the environment, the requirements and construction phase. The advanced fire proofing system can be incorporated at any of the  project's execution stages, including replacement of existing fire proofing systems.

W.R.Grace has over 70 years of documented projects worldwide, including skyscrapers, tunnels, chemical and petrochemical plants. Click on the link to enter the WR Grace global site:http://www.graceconstruction.com

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Chemical / Petrochemical

Carmel Group offers special abilities in performing passive fire proofing works at chemical and petrochemical plants, and has extensive experience working in such facilities which are characterized by particularly difficult and challenging conditions.
Monokote Z-146PC and – Monokote Z-156PC fire proofing materials from the global fire proofing giant, "W.R.Grace", are among the few materials that can address evolving hydrocarbon type fires that characterize petrochemical facilities.

Compared with existing capabilities in Israel, in the field of passive fire proofing, this is a real revolution.

  • Safety and quality revolution, while demonstrating a proven and documented track record of durability to fires worldwide with over 70 years experience. Unprecedented fire proofing capabilities for the chemical and petrochemical industries.
  • Performance and efficiency revolution, with particularly rapid implementation by utilizing the many unique resources of the group. Carmel Group installation teams are qualified and certified by W.R.GRACE for the application of Monokote Z-146PC and – Monokote Z-156PC materials and has the unique equipment approved by W.R. Grace for execution of the works.
  • A revolutionary competitiveness by reducing installation time and performance costs.

Typical places which require hydrocarbon passive fire proofing in the chemical/petrochemical industry:

  • Steel structures (beams and columns) and equipment skirts
  • Storage tanks (in particular LPG) – Cryogenic testing
  • Under decks and bulk heads
  • Supports for pressure containers
  • And more …

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Passive fire proofing in tunnels is engaging more and more global attention following tragic incidents that have occurred around the world. 
The unique nature of a hydrocarbon fire which develops in a tunnel is characterized by an extreme temperature / time curve which causes the "exploding spalling" phenomenon and could lead to its collapse.

The potential volatility of a fire in a tunnel when trucks carrying flammable materials, freight and passenger trains and vehicles are involved requires a safe and reliable response to the potential danger of a fire in a tunnel.

The advanced solution, offered by Carmel Group, by means of the fire proofing material  Monokote Z-146T   of the giant global fire proofing company W.R. Grace, enables fire proofing of a  tunnel  up to  two hours while preventing an increase of the concrete temperature above 362ºC degrees, with a minimal application of one, 25 mm, layer thickness!!!, and for up to four hours, while applying a suitable coating thickness.

Fireproofing the tunnel and complete prevention of the "exploding spalling" phenomenon, allows the safe entry of firefighting and rescue teams and the rescue of people and vehicles in the tunnel.

Fireproofing the tunnel's walls allows economical restoration and rapid re-opening of the tunnel.


Video describing the "spalling effect"

Monokote Z-146T complies with Efectis Holland testing laboratories, for tunnel fires developing in the most severe conditions on the RWS curve.

Typical places for fireproofing:

  • Transport Roads
  • Railway tunnels
  • "Metro" Stations
  • Underground structures such as parking garages


Sealing passageways and secure spaces

Sealing of passageways is executed for to prevent transfer of fire and smoke between floors in a building (horizontal transfer) or from room to room (vertical transfer). Typically, vertical sealing is performed in shafts through which various pipes, cables and air conditioning ducts while horizontal sealing is executed in the walls surrounding the air conditioning conduits, pipes and ladders with cables passing from room to room.

Carmel Group offers a variety of sealing solutions in accordance with the conditions and needs of the project: Sealing by compressed mineral wool panels, coated on both sides with flame retardant material for up to 4 hours, such as: FIRETHERM, KBS, or any other material required in accordance with the consultant’s specifications.

In places where sealing by panels as aforementioned is not possible due to the density of the items passing through the passageways or in passageways with a large area, whereby there a risk of one stepping and falling through them, the sealing can be performed in horizontal passages by means of fire proof castings in accordance to the requirements of the safety consultant.

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