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מכון התקנים הישראלי Metal works factory

Carmel Group offers a metal sheet processing plant using advanced technologies for cutting, bending, rolling, connecting and welding of black, galvanized, aluminum and stainless steel up to a thickness of 3 mm.

The Group maintains innovation that allows fast and high-quality production. Due to international cooperation, Carmel Group combines the latest and most advanced equipment worldwide and offers unique developments and creative solutions that make every challenge achievable.

Most production processes are automated and computerized. The plant is located on an area of ​​about 3,000 square meters and provides manufacturing support to all the Group's activities covering all its departments, including amongst others:

  • Plasma cutting machines, complete SPIRO production line for round section ducts and accessories, which includes a spiral ducting manufacturing equipment, equipment for welding accessories, gore locking, roll formers and spot welding equipment.
  • Continuous production line of a double Flanged rectangular ducts up to a thickness of 1.2 mm sheet.
  • Production lines for industrial air ducts, in a welded structure and flange connected, which includes the most advanced equipment on the market: Hydraulic bending equipment, computerized rolling equipment unique in Israel for standard and quality production, robotic welding machine (Seamer), which provides optimum welding quality, expanding and banding computerized equipment.
  • Professional painting department with extensive experience allows painting of products at the highest quality and in accordance with customer requirements.

The Group offers production lines from leading global manufacturers: SPIRO, RAS, PRINZING, SCHNELLDORFER.

The manufacturing process is supervised by the ISO9001 quality standard which supervises the planning, production and final testing.

As part of the "credo" of establishing the best abilities and infrastructure worldwide, Carmel Group is the exclusive representative in Israel of the leading global companies:  SPIRO, VIRON, W.R.Grace and operates the subsidiary Isravent.

To meet the demand, Carmel Group opened a factory shop, offering diverse advanced solutions for ducting while providing professional advice to its customers.


Isravent part of Carmel Group specializes in manufacturing accessories and round ducts using the "SPIRO" system, made ​​of  galvanized and  stainless steel  metal sheets. The products can be insulated thermally and/or acoustically and painted according to the customer's requirements.

The ducts and accessories are designated for HVAC, drain piping and molds for casting concrete columns. Among the SPIRO products offered by Carmel Group are segmented and compressed parts, sealed connections parts from the "safe" system, air volume dampers with a total seal option, air silencers and more. The diameters of the accessories fluctuate between 100 mm up to 1400 mm.
Furthermore, Isravent specializes in manufacturing SPIRO void formers ducts and accessories for the “Vent-floor” system.

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