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מכון התקנים הישראלי Ducting

Carmel Group was the first in Israel to manufacture HVAC ducts using automated production line  and since then has been a leader in the field. The group specializes in design, advanced manufacturing and installation of air ducts, for various industries, made of black metal sheets, galvanized stainless steel and aluminum up to a thickness of 3 mm, using innovative technologies while use unique production and installation methods which guarantee reinforcement and sealing according to international standards.

The company has an Engineering Department which has extensive experience in designing and executing air ducts projects in various industries.

HVAC ducts for the commercial industry

Manufacture and installation of ducts for the H.V.A.C industry with a rectangular cross-section double-flange frame connection.
The ducts are produced in a computerized and controlled process, unique to Carmel Group. The air duct is closed on one side, giving a maximum seal result.
Continuous reinforcement embedded in the duct's walls during production, gives an additional strength and durability to the duct. The connection between ducts is executed by a double-flange frames which are produced in a continuous line. The result: a rigid, strong and air sealed duct in perfect correlation with the customer’s needs.  

The "Isravent" company, part of Carmel Group, specializes in producing circular cross-section air ducts in the original "SPIRO" system for air-conditioning and ventilation, using the best technology and production methods in the field. 
The Group's products can be acoustically/thermally insulated according to the requirements of the designer
The Group's products can be painted to order in all R.A.L shades, and painting systems characterized by the customer, such as water-based, polyurethane and epoxy paints


Industrial Ducting

Industrial ducting projects are characterized by high specification demands from the air transfer system, such as large cross section ducts, design standards complying with very high positive and negative pressures, unique sealing specifications and the highest performance standards including the ability of design and engineering, aspects of safety and quality, standards of finishing and work management under challenging conditions.

The Group also specializes in manufacture and installation of ducts made from insulated panels.

The ducting project of the new paper machine, "Machine 8" at the Hadera Paper Mills, planning, production and installation of flanged air ducts made of stainless steel and galvanized steel for conducting treated air with special characteristics such as: High humidity, high air flow velocity and high temperature. The work included:

  • Manufacture of equipment according to specific parameters such as air moistenings, filter housings and so forth.
  • The insulation of the ducts according to a designated specification included metal cladding, for saving energy.

The project was performed by the Group’s ducting, insulation and scaffolding departments.


Ducting for the Semi-Conductor industry

Carmel Group specializes in the design, manufacture and execution of projects for gas exhausting and emission ducts made of galvanized metal sheets and stainless steel for the semi conductor industry. The Group offers the most innovative and advanced means of production in Israel which are specifically tailored to this field, which allow standard production of the highest quality and high outputs. Carmel Group has established its extensive experience and unique vision in this area and it boasts a management team that specializes in high quality solutions for projects in this field, which is characterized by flexible management capabilities based on understanding the special needs of customers in this field, planning and performance to the highest standards with an emphasis on aspects of safety, quality and schedules.

Construction of Intel's FAB28 facility

The project included execution of detailed planning, production and installation of evaporation of exhaust gases ducts, ducting insulation according to specific insulation specifications, design for production, of Teflon coated, stainless steel  ducts, made by VIRON U.S. and its installation in the project, planning production of ducting made of coated FRP ducts, produced by ATS U.S and its installation in the project. 
Unique project characteristics were required, particularly high engineering and planning capabilities, work and installation under special conditions which included work in a "clean room" under "live plant" conditions, with very short schedules, very high requirements for safety, quality and control.

Products for Vent-Floor method

The Group is the exclusive manufacturer for ducts and accessories for the "Ventfloor" method which are implemented in the stages of concrete castings, applied to primed surfaces. Before rendering the concrete casting, Ventfloor ducts with iron reinforcement are installed throughout the length of the casting, whereby voids are received in the concrete cross section. The use of "Ventfloor" ducts enables the downsizing of the concrete cross-sectional area and thus lowers the overall weight of the surface and saves considerable concrete.
The products are used in construction projects such as bridges.


Carmel group represents VIRON USA, a manufacturer of FRP blowers and corrosive air filters (SCRUBER) made ​​of FRP. Viron  is an "Intel supplier" approved company, for manufacturing Teflon coated (ECTFE) Stainless Steel ducts, resistant to most corrosive materials. Carmel Group has been trained and certified to handle VIRON's products and has extensive experience in planning, ordering and installation of its products.

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